The Brand Story of Monster Planet
One early morning in 2017, when out for an early run in the sports park, I received a phone call from an American friend, TK. Little did I know that this momentous phone call would later lead to TK becoming one of the founders of Monster Planet. He had always enjoyed playing tennis and was very excited to tell me that he is now in love with a new sport that is rapidly becoming popular in the United States, pickleball. He mentioned that the best pickleball paddles are made of carbon fiber, which was very exciting to me because I knew I had the expertise to help make a world class pickleball paddle!
TK knew that I had a factory that started producing high quality carbon fiber products in 2010,, which is now the largest manufacturer of carbon fiber products in South China. He asked me to make several sets of paddles for him with real 3K, high-strength carbon fiber.Personally, I find new projects and innovations like this incredibly exciting. For example, in 2016 at Xccarbonfiber, we independently developed and produced one of the first commercially successful, mass produced, carbon fiber UAVs. This is one of my many industries that we supply presently .So I happily agreed to work on the paddle with TK.
When he sent us some sample paddles, we were very surprised and excited to study them as it was the first time any of us had even seen a pickleball paddle. So, we gathered our R&D team and a month later we had a sample paddle ready to send to TK for trial. He was incredibly happy with the racket we produced with our high-strength carbon fiber and we worked diligently together to perfect the design. In 2018, our carbon fiber pickleball paddles production line was officially put into operation.In 2019,we upgraded our equipment and technology to facilitate the high-end mass production of professional grade paddles. The quality and construction of our paddles is unparalleled!
Later, we found out that many consumers were being cheated by some less scrupulous merchants who were selling fake carbon fiber paddles. We saw this as completely unacceptable and an affront to our premier product and we decided to challenge those merchants that were muddying the water with inferior paddles. Therefore, in 2020, TK and I decided to set up our own independent marketing company and brand in the United States.With this marketing, every player had the information to choose the best carbon fiber paddles for their competitions. During this time, we continued our product innovation by making our high-quality carbon fiber pickleball paddles more suitable for human body mechanics by making the paddle feel like an effortless extension of the player's arm.By this we are helping people everywhere achieve health and happiness through sports!
The inspiration for the Monster Planet brand name comes from the American science fiction film Star Wars.We need to better protect our planet by using composite materials instead of wood and turn ourselves into an “Iron Warrior” by playing pickleball. Compared to other pickleball brands, Monster Planet is just a baby, but we love it as much as a mouse loves rice.
With our new larger and highest quality workshops coming into service, we will be bringing a greater number of even better paddles into the market. So, if you can’t get your hands on a light saber just yet, do the next best thing and use one of our high-quality pickleball paddles and devastate your competition!
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Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.​​​​​​​
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