The Brand Story of Monster Planet

In an early morning of 2017, I was running in the sports park. I received a phone call from an American friend (TK, who is now one of the founders of Monster Planet). He loved playing tennis and was very excited to tell me that he is now in love with a new sport (play pickelaball), which is rapidly becoming popular in the United States. He mentioned that the best racket is made of carbon fiber, which made me very excited and I got to know this paddles.

Finally, he asked me to make several sets of pickelaball paddles for him with real 3K and high-strength carbonfiber. He knew that I had a factory that started to produce carbon fiber products in 2010, www.xccarbonfiber.com, which is now the largest manufacturer of carbon fiber products in South China. Personally, I am also very crazy about new things. For example, in 2016, we independently developed and produced carbon fiber UAV, which has been mass-produced and sold. This is one of my many industries at present. So I happily agreed to his requirements.

I soon received the pickleball paddles he sent me to study. It was the first time for all of us to see this racket, and we were very surprised and excited. So we gathered our R&D team members to conduct dis-assembly research. A month later, we received the good news from the team and sent it to Tk for trial. He was very satisfied with the racket we produced with high-strength carbon fiber and gave us many suggestions.

In 2018, our carbon fiber pickleball paddles production line was officially put into operation, and in 2019, we introduced better equipment and technology. In order to achieve high-end mass production of paddles, we have no plans to produce inferior material paddles in the future.

Later, we found out that many consumers were being cheated by some merchants who sold fake carbon fiber paddles. We planned to challenge those merchants. Therefore, in 2020, TK and I decided to set up our own marketing company and brand together in the United States, and let every player use the best carbon fiber paddles to compete. At the same time, we can make high quality carbon fiber pickleball paddles more suitable for human body mechanics to serve all mankind, so that all mankind can obtain health and happiness through sports!

We take Monster Planet as the brand name. Its inspiration comes from American science fiction film. We need to better protect our planet, turn into an “Iron Warrior” by playing pickleball. Compared with many pickleball brands, Monster Planet is just a baby, but I love it as much as a mouse loves rice.

With our new larger and higher standard workshops coming into service, we will be putting more and better paddles into the market, so come on, use our high-quality pads to launch a “Star Wars” with your competitors and beat them easily.
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