How to choose the weight of a pickleball paddle.

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How to choose the weight of a pickleball paddle.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pickleball paddles is the weight. The weight of the racket will affect the ability of playing games.

The weight guidelines for general paddles are as follows:

Light weight  (< 7.2 oz).

Medium weight  (7.3-8.4 oz).

Heavy weight  (> 8.5 oz).

Lightweight pickleball paddle.

New players will want to choose a lighter paddles, which is easier to swing and provides higher accuracy and wrist movements. If the paddles you use are too heavy for you, you will soon feel tired.

The lightweight paddles is known for its control and is ideal for touchers who prefer shooting rather than hard hitting and slamming. In addition, they provide faster response time when you are in front of the net, and the ball explodes at you. The disadvantage is that lighter oars provide less power.

If you have played table tennis or squash before and are switching to pickleball, lightweight paddles will work well because these movements involve wrist movements.

Light paddles are a popular choice for doubles players.

Not too light.

Using paddles that are too light for you may cause several problems. If you use a paddles that is too light for strength, you will sometimes miss hitting the ball because you swing faster than usual.

In addition, a light paddles will cause your batting to be less powerful than it should be. If you find that your stroke is not as powerful as usual, you may use a light paddles. The weight of the paddles is the key to power, so if this is the case, consider using heavier paddles.

A medium-weight pickleball paddle.

If you are not sure which weight paddles is right for you, a medium weight paddles is a good choice and can be used by players at all levels.

Medium weight paddles are a good combination of power and control. Players looking for games with both skill and power should choose oars that are neither too light nor too heavy. Although they do not provide the same level of control or power as light or heavy paddles, they are still a good choice for all game situations.

Heavy weight Pickleball paddles

Players who prefer strength to control tend to use heavier paddles because they can generate more popularity on the ball.

Heavier paddles allow you to swing faster, but it takes more effort to reach that speed. In addition, power is at the expense of some control.

In singles, heavy paddles are more common because strength trumps skill, as in singles tennis. Dink and shooting are not as common in a pick ball in singles as in kimchi in doubles.

Not too heavy.

Using paddles that are too heavy for your strength can cause several problems. If you get a paddles that is too heavy for you, you will not be able to control the ball and it will move in a different direction than you want.

In addition, heavy paddles are more likely to cause injury. For example, after playing kimchi for a day, you may feel pain in your wrist or even your arm. In this case, the paddles may be just the reason, and you should consider using lighter one.

News 2: How to choose the material of pickleball paddles.

Materials in paddles.

The choice of kimchi paddles will also be affected by its materials. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

Popular kimchi paddle (pickleball paddles) materials include:

Wood-the cheapest and heaviest.

Graphite-expensive and light. Excellent performance.

Composite-the middle between wood and graphite. Provide a variety of weights and prices.


Wooden pickleball paddles are the cheapest, very durable, but they are also the heaviest and the most backward paddles.

Because they are easy to produce and have low retail prices. Wooden paddles are often used by beginners who want cheap paddles. If you are interested in buying wood pickleball paddles, you can find them in Wal-Mart's Pickball area.

If you plan to play Pickleball ball often, we recommend that you skip the wood paddles and choose composite or graphite paddles. The price of composite or graphite paddles has gone down, and now very affordable paddles can be found.

Composite material

Pickleball paddles made of composite materials are becoming more and more popular. The composite paddles usually has a fiberglass surface and a composite core. The core can be made of polymer or aluminum. Or, use rigid nylon for core material.

One of the advantages of composite rackets is the use of textured surfaces to help players produce more rotation when hitting the ball. In addition, these pickleball paddles are much lighter than wooden models, making them easier to operate.

If you are looking for good paddles in the market, you can find composite paddles in a variety of price ranges. Many models are affordable and have excellent performance.

True carbon fiber.

Generally speaking, graphite kimchi (pickleball )paddles are the most expensive. Graphite pickleball paddles, even low-end paddles, are usually more expensive than composite ones.

In addition to being light in weight, graphite paddles are also known for being easy to control. So, if you want to make accurate shots and control your game, these are good choices.

When choosing a pickleball paddle, competitive players usually choose a graphite paddles. Although the graphite on these paddles is very thin, it is very strong. Therefore, if you are only looking for the most ideal paddles recommended by professionals, you may need to consider graphite one.

Graphite pickleball paddles usually weigh between six and nine ounces. Like the composite paddles, these will be built using the core. The core can be made of aluminum, polymer or Nomex honeycomb. One thing that makes the graphite paddle stand out is the graphite surface on both sides of the pickleball paddle.

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