Pickleball is spreading all over the world.

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Pickleball is spreading all over the world.



Pickleball is spreading all over the world.

Pickleball, a combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton, is the fastest growing sport in the United States. In fact, Washington State has declared it a state sport.

According to different reports, there are about 5 million to 8 million pickleball players in the United States (or "picklers", some of whom call themselves in the sport), and some people expect there are 40 million picket players by 2030. The sport has grown by nearly 40% since 2020. The number of clubs exceeds 35000, more than double increase than five years ago. Pickleball matches have been broadcast on CBS, Fox Sports and tennis channels. Some people speculate that the Pickleball is destined to become an Olympic sport one day.

The Pickleball game is played on a small court with a net, using a paddle about twice the size of a ping-pong racket and a perforated yellow hard plastic ball. If you played wiffle ball when you were a child, the ball will look familiar. Pickleball is popular among all people, especially those over the age of 55. It provides a kind of sports activity with many social elements. Players tend to make good friends in the local Pickleball community. The sport has also sprung up in prisons and juvenile detention centres. A senior Pickleballl player said that the Pickleball changed her life: "before the pickball is black and white, after it is a vivid color."

Pickleball is also becoming more and more popular among primary school students. It is introduced to children in PE class because it is easier for children to use than tennis. Pickleball is a skill sport that does not require super speed or strength.

The sport was founded by several children in Washington State and their parents in 1965. According to legend, it is named after a dog named Pickle, who chases the ball on the court. Another theory is that the game was named by an original adult player after a kimchi boat in which the rower was selected from leftovers from other boats. In 1984, the American Amateur Pickleball Association was established to develop the sport nationwide, and the sport became popular.

Senator John Lowick of Washington once said that Pickleball helped him lose weight and control high blood pressure. "I definitely like to play the pickleball, win or lose or draw," Lovick said. Other Pickleball evangelists think the sport will help unite divided countries.

"I think Pickleball will save the new social life of Americans, but Pickleball is great fitness fun for people of all ages. Although it is not the most physically demanding exercise in the world, I totally agree with it, if it can get people off the sofa.

Today, pickleball is rapidly spreading the world, including Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Pakistan ect.

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